தமிழில் படிக்க

Grace of Almighty endowed the Mankind with immense pleasures in the form of Dhanu, Karana, Bhuvana, Bhogam.  Formless Almighty while so gracing the mankind fills the universe with Sound, known as Om Kara or Pranava,described as Sabtha Prapancha called Paramasivam , take shape known as Ardha Prapancha or Para in minute, called Parasakthi or Parvathi or Adhisakthi.

Almighty Parameswar or Sadhashiva though essentially formless expressed Himself in the formof Lingam and delivered the  Vedas,later classified as Rig,Yajur,Sama, Atharvana and Agama sastras. Originally the expressions were in Sound metre and remained Unscripted in any language, as the origin is very antique and traced to time immemorial.

Subsequently, when Vedas and Agamas shaped into script, there is no evidence or definite proofto determine that the original scriptures were in Sanskrit.Lord Parameshwar is quoted in Tamil as `Vadanilal amarntha Marai mudhalahiya Peruman’ ,which is propobily wrongly construed as `Vadamoli’

The expressions of Lord, permeated and spread in atmosphere/space were grasped by the Great Yogis and Rishis they in turn handed down the same to their disciples. It is more or less like today’s Radio/Television sets that broadcast /telecast after converting electro-magnetic waves into electro sound/light waves. When Lord Nataraja demonstrated His Anandha Thandava (cosmic dance born out of ecstacy) to Sanaga Rishis, they observed 14 different sound resonances,known as, Maaheswara Sutras or formulae.

The Vedas and Agamas so grasped were handed down to deciples in Sound Metre over so many thousands of years. It is much later that these were brought into Script primarily in Grandhaksharas leading to present day Sanskrit. His Holiness Kanchi Paramacharya said that Eswara Puja is that which is done strictly as ordained/laid down Karmas in Vedas and Agamas.

Such Veda Agamas depicting absolute knowledge and universal pleasure had beenprotected/preserved by Great Scholars/genius persons over thousands of years and handed down to generations after generations by establishing Veda Agama Patasalas/Katiga Sthanams.

To quote Tamil Savant Sundarar “andar thamakku agamanool mozhiumAdhi” meaning that Lord Parameswara gave vedagamas even before birth of this Prapancham. Therefore, it has been taken as an ordained duty by Sivapuram Veda Sivaagama Patasala and established the Patasala in 1996  to pursue Veda samrakshanam.

Having established in the beginning in Mayiladuthurai on the banks of the river Kaveri, the patasala moved to Southern Street of Mayuranathar Temple. With the blessings of Sri-la-Sri Thiruvavadudhurai Sannidhanam and generous contributions of asthiga devotees, a new bulding has been constructed  to establish this Veda Agama Vidhya Mandir