தமிழில் படிக்க

Sivasri A. V. Swaminatha Sivachariyar

According to the ancient saying  “Koil Peruthathu Kumbhakonam,” (though Kumbhakonam has been referred to in literature as “Kodamuku”) the city with its large number of Saiva & Vainava temples, people call it as Kumbakkonam. It  is in this place where world renowned  Mahamagam festival is celebrated. In the year 1965 at Pullirukkuvelloore, A.M. Vaithyanatha Gurukkal & Lakshmi Vaidhyanathan gave birth to a son Sivasri  A.V Swaminatha Sivachariyar.

PULL means Eagle, IRUKKU means Vedas, VEL means Murugan, OORE means Suriyan, Known and worshipped by all four, it attained its name as “PULLIRUKKUVELLOORE”.  Since the god here was worshipped by many Devatas, such as Jadayu, Vedas, Murugan, Angaragan, Goddess  Ambika, the place was also named after them as Jadayupuri, Vedapuri, Kandapuri, Parithipuri, Anka ragapuram, Ambikapuram, respectively. just god himself became the medicine and mantra giving solace to human race, it was also called the Vinaytheerthankoil; famous with its many names as also vaidheeswaran, With his ancestory in Pullirukkuvelloore, he had his basic education in velloore school, In 1977 at the Dharumayadeenam Veda Sivagama Patasalai he learnt Veda , Agama, Sastra from Sivapuram Sri Swaminatha Sivachariyar and later worked as priest in Velloore Devasthanam. In 1989 he served as head master of Dharumayadeenam Veda Sivagama Patasalai where he had taken a training. In 1996 at Mayiladuthurai, on the banks of the river Kaveri, he started the Sivapuram Veda Sivagama Patasalai named after his guru’s native place.

As “Sarvasadhagam” he has performed more than Thousand Consecrations in India & other Countries. More than 300 students who took training at Veda Sivagama Patasalai, have turned out to be best priests and are working not only in india and also other countries. “Aanmartha Sivapooja Vilakkam” (Explanation of siva pooja) book and other essays about vedagamas have been written by him. He had submitted research papers at several Veda Sivagama Seminars and Conferences on Thirumurai  and has also been giving lectures and doing research on Veda Sivagama Thirumurai, Being a close associate of Tamilnadu’s three great  Thirumadangal  Dharumayadhinam, Thiruvavaduthurai Aadhinam, and Thiruppanandhal Kasi Mutt. he has been taking part in the consecration of several ancient temples and seminars. Treading the path of Saivasiddhantha enlightened by Dharumayatheenam 26 th Guru Maha Sannithanam. he has been undertaking the propaganda of Saivasamayam as his principal task.

His awards

Sivagama Praveenar Dharumayathinam 1982
Sivagama Bhoopathi Rathnagiri Sathas,Vellore 1990
Sivagama Rathnakaram Skandaguru Vidhyalayam,Thirupparankundram 2000
SivagamaSiddhanthasarabham Sriboomiswarar Devasthanam,Kunnam 2002
Sivagama Seelar All india Aadi saiva developing Conference,Mayuram 2004
Sivagama Selvar Sri Mayuranathar consecration 2005
Sivagama Kalanidhi Dharumayadhinam 2006
Sivagama Vachana Bushanam Perth Hindu Temple,Australia 2008


The important consecration performed by him in India and other countries under his guidance (sarvasathagam) In India 

Mayuranatha swami temple Mayiladuthurai
Mahalinga swami temple Thiruvidaimaruthur
Sarabheswarar temple Thirubuvanam
Mahamariyammam temple Samayapuram
Sattanathaswamy temple Sirkazhi
Athmanathaswamy temple Avudayarkoil


In other countries:

Sivan Temple Singapore, Kelang East
Murugan Temple Malaysia, Patthumalai
Ramalingaswami temple Benser
Sri Mahamariyamman Temple Reunion
Hindu Temple Australia
Sri Mahamariyamman Temple Thailand, Bangkok
Thirukketheeswarar temple Srilanka


Participation of grand consecration in India

Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai
KarpagaVinayagar Temple Pillayar patti
Nellayappar Temple Thirunelveli
Ardhanareeswarar Temple Thiruchencode
Ramanatha Swamy Temple Rameswaram
Dharbharanyeswarar Temple Thirunallaru