Welcome to Sivapuram Trust

Welcome to Sivapuram Trust

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः
dharma protects those who uphold or protect dharma.

Our renowned Patasalai (Gurukulam) is a center for studies and research in Vedas,  Sivagamas and Shastras. We house over 50 students who get trained by the best teachers in the study of Vedas, Aagamas, Thirumuraigal, Tamil and English. We have been actively participating in Mahotsavams and we have performed consecration ceremonies of numerous temples in India and abroad.

There is a temple inside our Gurukulam where regular poojas are performed for Sri Sringaravalli Sametha Sivapuranatha Swamy, Meru and Lord Subrahmanyar. For universal welfare, monthly poojas and Homams are conducted. We welcome your contributions for the same.

The focus of our trust has been on the promotion and preservation of Hindu culture and traditions. Our students have been involved in the “Uzhavarappani” (cleaning, restoration, and preservation) of innumerable temples across Tamil Nadu.

At present, there are 50 students in our Veda Patasalai. We do not collect any money from the students for their mess expenses and the Patasalai is being managed only through the donations from benefactors. Benefactors can donate money on their birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasions. We conduct “Ayushya Homam” for them on that particular date for the welfare of those who make the donations. The donated amount further helps us provide food for our students.